Tyre Knowledge

Good to know for your comfort & safety

Aspect ratio
The aspect ratio is the ratio of a tyre’s section height (H) to its section width (W).
Aspect ratio (%) = HW x 100

Speed symbol
The speed symbol refers to the maximum speed capabilities of the tyre. It is only valid for tyres that are properly inflated and loaded within their assigned load index.
Speed symbol
Speed (km/h)
Speed category

Load index
The load index is the maximum load-carrying capacity of a tyre under a specific condition.

Reinforced rating (XL-Rating)
Passenger car tyres designed for loads and inflation pressures higher than the standard version.

Tyre rotation
Tyre rotation is the regular practice of changing the position of each tyre on the car to minimize abnormal (or uneven) tread wear, which may cause:
  1. Abnormal vibration (“shimmy”)
  2. Tyre noise
  3. Decreased riding comfort
  4. Shorter tyre life
Note: We recommend that you rotate your tyres immediately if you recognize any of the above-mentioned conditions (especially on your front tyres).

Tread Wear Indicator
Triangle marks ( ▲ ) on the sidewall show the tread groove position  of the “tread wear indicators”, the “tread wear indicators” represent 1.6mm of remaining tread depth at which time the tyre should be replaced.