iceGUARD studless iG50 PLUS

The ultimate ice performance with fuel-saving property

iceGUARD studless iG50 PLUS



  • Compact cars
  • Sporty hatchbacks


  • Extreme grip
  • Fuel Saving - 5% longer rolling distance
  • Long-life grip

iceGUARD studless iG50 PLUS

Tread Compound

Tread Compound
The layer of water above the ice is the biggest contributor to loss of traction. It causes "micro hydroplaning" on icy surfaces. A traditional rubber rides on the surface water because the thickness of the layer of water in the -6 to 0°C zone becomes more than the normal undulations of the tyre surface can manage to work effectively. YOKOHAMA´s original SUPER WATER-ABSORPTIVE COMPOUND technology can put the tyre in contact with the actual ice by removing water with powerful absorbent compounds.

A) Absorptive Balloon

A) Absorptive Balloon
-Removes Water film from the ice surface by its cavity shape.
-Delivers micro edge effects on the ice surface by its hard shell.
-Keeps tread-block solid by its hard shell construction.

B) Absorptive White Gel

B) Absorptive White Gel
-Removes water film from the ice surface by a suitable undulation for the tyre surface delivered by its flexible property.

Tread Pattern and Construction Technologies

Tread Pattern and Construction Technologies
1) Anti Energy-Loss Profile
Delivers a fuel saving performance and stability by controlling a deflection of the tyre.
2) Asymmetric Tread pattern design
Inner zone, an effective tread pattern area for ice performance, has more actual contact area and more sipes than outer zone in order to maximize the friction and edge effects on ice surface.
Outer zone, an effective tread area for snow performance, has more grooves in order to maximize the traction and edge effects on snow surface.

Tread Pattern and Construction Technologies

Tread Pattern and Construction Technologies
3) Triple 3-D dimple sipes / Triple 3-D sipes
2 types of original 3-dimension shaped sipes are varied to get suitable effects and balances on each tread area. The surfaces of 3-D sipes avoid uneven deflection of blocks by supporting each other. It delivers excellent ice and snow performance with its maximized actual contact area and edge effects.

Tread Pattern and Construction Technologies

Tread Pattern and Construction Technologies
4) Belted Blocks
The belted blocks with a large, wide, centralized block design improve the braking stability as well as the performance on wet, dry and icy road surfaces.
5) Micro Diagonal Sipes
Deliver optimum performance even without a break-in period.

iceGUARD studless iG50 PLUS

Available sizes

Inch Series Size Note Product Art. EAN/JAN dB
12 70 155/70R12 73Q R1987 4968814918606 F F 71
12 70 145/70R12 69Q R1988 4968814918613 F F 71
12 80 135/80R12 68Q R1989 4968814918620 F F 71
12 80 145/80R12 74Q R1990 4968814918637 F F 71
14 70 205/70R14 94Q R0256 4968814882662 C F 72
14 80 175/80R14 88Q R0484 4968814884932 E F 71
15 55 205/55R15 88Q R0318 4968814883287 E F 72
15 70 205/70R15 96Q R0243 4968814882532 C F 72
15 70 215/70R15 98Q R0283 4968814882938 C F 72
16 45 215/45R16 90Q R0317 4968814883270 E F 72
  • Car
  • Winter Tyres
  • BluEarth
  • Fuel Saving
  • High Grip
  • Ice
  • M+S
  • Max Speed 160 km/h


Fuel Efficiency C - F
Wet Grip F
External Noise

External Noise
Value (dB)

71 - 72